INTJ Problems: Unpopular Opinions.


(This is an ongoing series in which I use Myers-Briggs typology to excuse all my shortcomings.)

There are several factors influencing unpopular opinions.

1. It’s just me and my fucked up theories. I have a lot of these, and I’m fully aware they’re fucked up, but I can’t help myself. It’s how I roll.

2. NTs overall take up a very small percent of the population. INTJ women are the one percent. Even less than one, more like 0.5% – 0.8%. Not one full person in a room of one hundred people. Such a small group’s opinions are bound to be unpopular most of the time.

3. INTJ — NTs in general – entertain thoughts and possibilities without adhering to them. NTJs have it worse in the unpopularity contest simply because we’re hellbent on making ideas practical and not just theorising. We’re mechanics and engineers, not just researchers. Aside from the pathological need to understand, we also have a strong urge to apply.

4. We have trouble explaining ourselves. For example, I can say that I like Lenin, that he was a great man, and people, especially the sensy-feely types, will come to a swift conclusion that I’m his greatest fan and must be disproved immediately. (Whilst I couldn’t be arsed to argue.) In reality, I’m not saying I liked liked him (I don’t, and it’s got little to do with communism) and what he did in an emotional sense, I’m just saying that he was great. As in, powerful. Remarkable. Influential. Interesting. Worth studying and analysing.

The same type of like, but in a less great/ remarkable sense probably, applies to the Kardashians. I love the Kardashians. I bloody adore them. I’m subscribed to all of their social media channels, and I binge watch all seasons when I feel like shit. It’s paradoxical, because most people hate-watch and hate-read them — making them popular anyway and even more omnipresent, oh the irony — but I genuinely enjoy them.

5. Sometimes we dissect popular opinions and ideas not because we don’t like them — an emotional and irrational response, again — but because we see the value in them. Most people think that tearing an idea apart is a sign of disagreement. INTJs (NTJs, NTs) tear something apart because they see the value, and want to know how the hell it got there and whether it’s possible to make it more efficient. You know how kids break toys because they want to know how they tick? It’s sorta like that. Ideas and applications are our playground.

6. We’re, in the majority of cases, the ends justify means type of people. We’re a little dead inside. It’s painful. In most circles pain is not popular.

As an afterthought, applications and decisions are not final. If you can argue your case and present me with points that I haven’t already factored in that will totally shake the foundation of my opinions or will simply be more efficient than mine, then I will accept it. (After an initial stupour and eight hundred questions in the line of, “How the hell did I not notice this?”) I like solutions, but I also believe that it’s absolutely alright to change your mind.

Nail Polish: Oriflame The One in London Red 30530.

oriflame the one nail polish in london red

A short post today! The formula of this is quite similar to the other nail polish from The One series that I’ve written about previously. However, this didn’t stain my nails one bit. It didn’t chip on the nail edge, although the colour began rubbing off a bit on the second day. For some reason it started chipping close to the cuticle, though – look at my forefinger.

I’m in love with this tone of red. So nice.

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