Lip Monthly: September 2014.

Let me disclaim this post a bit by stating that this is my first ever beauty box in the history of all ever. None of the others ship to these lands, so the fact that Lip Monthly is a worldwide operation makes it very unique, and makes my glasses just a touch rose-tinted.

But I loved the damn thing.

This is just a preview of the products. I’ve only just received my bag. Usually I leave make-up untouched until I take proper product photographs, but this time around I simply couldn’t wait, and started using the stuff already. Detailed photos with reviews of each product will come later, once I’ll have used them for at least two weeks. However my first impressions are good.

The goodies came in a bright blue pouch with Lip Monthly‘s logo stamped all over. The pouch seems durable and usable, so it’s my new designated work beauty bag.

lipmonthly september 14 bag

Within the pouch, the helpful card tells me, was the following:

  • Makeup by Cherimoya Lip Crayon in the colour Fig, $8
  • Eco Lips Fair Trade Lip Balm in Kiwi-Strawberry, $3.49
  • Makeup by Cherimoya Lip & Eye Retractable Pencil, $3.99
  • Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Nail Polish, $3.99
  • Purlisse Daily Moisturiser, $18

I received my first bag at half-price, so the value to cost ratio is good.

Now, onto the first impressions of products.

I’ve never tried Cherimoya make-up before. Haven’t used the pencil yet, but I’m really enjoying the crayon. I’ve been meaning to try lip crayons for a while, and was eyeing similar colours. Glad I waited until Lip Monthly came to make a purchase, because it’s like they read my mind. The product is easy to apply. Goes on smoothly, doesn’t drag. I thought it would dry my lips out, but the formula even seems a bit mosturising. It also holds well. I applied it, then ate, and after I was done with food, the colour was still visible on my lips, and didn’t look scary eaten either. No staining, as far as I can tell, but I’ve only used it several times so far, and briefly.

The nail polish is a happy bright coral pink colour that would’ve perfectly matched my bridesmaid’s dress – and that I wouldn’t go for during Autumn. For the sake of giving a proper review, though, I’ve put it next in line for my ‘try ALL the polishes‘ challenge. The post featuring it will be coming up either this Friday, or the Friday after next one. Mark yer calendars, everybody. :P

I was a little apprehensive to use the moisturiser, as it’s formulated for normal to dry skin, and mine’s on the oily side. Not even combo, just grease. But I needed a night cream, so what the hell? It’s hard to come out with a verdict since I’ve only used it for two days, but so far, so good. No allergic reaction, and no break-out. The scent is a little funny. It’s like it’s scentless, but not quite. I don’t mind it – in fact, I prefer it. Definitely formulated for drier skin, though.

For me, the star of this month’s bag is the lip balm. It smells good enough to eat – and hey, I can! The scariest not very digestible ingredient in it is beeswax, and I had that before accidentally when eating honeycombs, so I’ll live. However, I’m pretty sure it will be more useful to coat my lips with it, so that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s now a permanent fixture next to my computer at home, and my lips have never felt better. The one I’m currently keeping in my work beauty bag doesn’t even begin to compare to this one.

My only little gripe is the packaging, but from what I remember during my stint in the States, it’s common for lip balms to be packaged in such tubes. I’m a spoilt European, I’m used to lipstick-like bullets.

Once this one runs out, I’m pretty sure I’ll repurchase it if it’ll be available.

You can subscribe to Lip Monthly here. My ref link doesn’t seem to be working properly, but if you’ll mention me when subscribing, I will be delighted. Use the code ‘Fall5′ when finalising your subscription, and receive your first box for five bucks!

(I purchased my first Lip Monthly bag at half-price. For every person I refer, I will receive redeemable points that can be used in the company’s store. All opinions mine.)