Links 09.14.

floating markets

I really want to visit a floating market!

30 common kitchen myths: Busted. Funny, I always salted water to make pasta taste better, not boil faster.

Please stop trying to rescue me from homeless people.

A list of princesses, who are too badass for Disney.

Ever since the little earthquake we had in these lands, I’ve been a bit obsessed with this website. All earthquakes, all the time.

An honest account about LFW from the point of a beauty blogger.

Charles Darwin’s personal library is available online. Curiouser and curiouser.

girl who was crazy about jimmy durante

This, my friends, is why I’m never moving to Taiwan.

Poor people don’t plan long term. We’ll just get our hearts broken.

At one chain I was required to sign a contract stating that I was an at-will employee, that I would be part-time with no benefits, and that if I took another job without permission I would be subject to termination because the company expected me to be able to come in whenever they found it necessary.

And yes, this is legal.

There’s also a subsequent interview with the author of the above article.

Manga McQ.

And right when I thought McQueen can’t possibly get any better, they go off and release a collaboration with mangaka Yoshiyasu Tamura. My love for the medium and for Alexander McQueen combined has me all aflutter, but alas! The only thing I’d be able to afford is the print scarf, and even then I’d have to eat water-based porridge for two months.

Kinda think it’s worth it, though…


manga bf jeans mcq


manga kimono sweatshirt mcq


manga lace-up derby mcq


manga leggings mcq


manga print scarf mcq

You can find these pieces and everything else in the collaboration by going here.

(Not an affiliate link. Not sponsored.)