Shopping My Stash: Lipsticks, part one.

Prepare to stare at an uncomfortable amount of pictures of my mouth.

AVON Ultra Colour Rich in Apricot Mystery

Let me get the most mysterious part out of the way first: This is a cool pink lipstick with a blue (a freaking visible light electric blue) undertone. Why on God’s green earth anyone would ever call this shade apricot mystery is indeed a mystery.

For those who forgot, this is how apricots look like:


One could argue for pink, but there’s definitely very little blue.

avon ultra colour rich in apricot mystery

It looks much warmer in this photograph than it does in real life, and especially in the bullet.

I’ve seen this described as coral, but I dunno. Whilst I willingly admit that all the undertones, hues, and other colour theory BS flies over my head– I just see no coral there. Maybe my product oxidised so much as to be unrecognisable?

My favourite thing about Ultra Colour Rich line is the bullet design. The scent of this is OK. It’s there but unobtrusive. Much weaker than in L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks, for example.

This lipstick was bought as part of my huge-arse Avon haul/ fail of many a year ago. It was intended as a gift for one of my aunts. She quite loves the frosty pink. And yes, this is a slightly frosty pink colour. It’s pretty sheer with a layer of blue sparkles certainly visible on the lips — and in the tube.

The formula is pretty drying. It also goes on in streaks if you apply a thin layer, and cakes something fierce (stickin’ in smallest lip lines an corners and all) if you try to go for better coverage.

I’d say it lasted about 3 hours on my lips if I didn’t eat or drink anything, and it would pretty much completely disappear after one cup of tea.

This was my first foray into Avon’s Ultra Colour Rich series. I found this disappointing enough not to go there again. There’s another one in my stash that I’ve barely swatched, let’s see if it fares better.

Apricot Mystery shade has since then been discontinued.

Oriflame Colour Drop in Rose Elixir 26905

oriflame colour drop in rose elixir

This is a lipstick that I’ve been carrying around with me for a bit now. It’s a rather effortless nude with a touch of pink. One of those things that we oft refer to as ‘my lips but better’ — except that I can’t really say that it makes my lips any better.

Some five people from my circle of friends purchased this lipstick, and they kept recommending it. It looks good on them, but a bit off on me.

This is very creamy, and feels almost like a balm on your lips. Combined with the colour, it’s – here comes the word again – effortless, and this effortlessness is the only thing I like about this lipstick. Everything else — its colour against my skin tone, its texture, longevity, its scent, its packaging… — is not bad, but I can’t commend it for any of these either.

Also, it’s advertised as keeping its original shape until the very end, but it didn’t in my case. Which is weird, because usually all of my lipsticks stay close to their original shape.

Eveline Cosmetics Super Long Lasting 16h Lip Liquid Tint in 117

eveline 117

This is my most recent purchase, I think. I wanted a hot pink/ fuchsia lipstick. The colour of this is very close to what I wanted (a bright aggressive colour that almost looks terrible). I loved the texture of this (very smooth both during application and on the lips), the scent (good enough to eat), and the colour. It’s also not drying at all. However, if you take it just the tiniest amount out of your lip line – not so much outside it, but just on it – it will feather something fierce.

It also stains everything, including my teeth. Yes, it stains teeth.

eveline triangle

Both feathering and stainage (below ) aren’t very visible in photographs, so I guess you’re just going to trust me on this one. Both are much, much more pronounced in life.

eveline faded

I usually love Eveline products. They’re very inexpensive, and usually do exactly what they advertise they will do. For example, this gloss will last on your lips for a long while. Maybe not 16 hours, but definitely 8. If it weren’t for massive staining and constant need to check if my lip travelled some five millimetres closer to my nose, I’d continue to use it.

To the bin it goes.

shopping my stash

First of the week of the month of the season of the year.

Months seem to go in an alternation here. June was evil, July was better, and now August came and bit me in the arse.

There were good points, like me managing to post every day, a stable amount of finances, and having my brother visit. But then there are other points, like weird-ass neighbours, having my brother visit (:P), heat heat heat, debilitating headaches, and my ankle deciding that it needs to have revenge on me breaking it some 15 damn years ago. If it hurts so much these days, what’s it gonna do to me should I ever grow old?

September ought to be better.

I like it when a month starts on a Monday. It’s just one of those little things that bring me joy. And here we have first of the season as well, and also the first of the agricultural, school, and Orthodox Christian years. (Though technically, that would come later, on the Julian first of September.)

Summer is waning, slowly but surely, and I can’t be happier. The only thing I’m going to miss about it are flowers and fruits and veg, as mentioned previously, and also one thing I forgot to mention earlier: eating al fresco. I reconciled myself with the thought that full blown picnics and barbecues aren’t happening this year, so I’ve roped my brother into joining me on a bench in a square near my workplace during my lunch break. Eating a cup of cottage cheese and drinking a juice box whilst on a bench opposite a praetor building doesn’t quite compare to picture perfect sandwiches and tartan blankets and Earl Grey, but it’ll do.

The most enjoyable part is eating outside, anyway. It automatically makes everything tastier somehow.

That was August, the bench lunch breaks, but I plan continuing them well into the end of September, when my brother plans on heading back to Russland. Maybe I’ll even make sandwiches and drag him to the park on a Saturday, or something. Imagine that.

The Acne Triggers Challenge: An Update on Coffee, and Coconut Oil.

Let’s get the coconut oil out of the way first – it’s an obvious cheat. I’ve never used coconut oil in my entire life, either internally or externally. So I’ll just continue not having it for the rest of my life. Or, at least, for the next 7 weeks. I promise to be extra careful with labels etc., but the chances of it sneaking up on me are small.

Now, back to coffee.


This photo is in black and white, because I’m reminiscing. This is symbolic artistic expression.

I wasn’t exactly sure I’d be able to report back. Thought I might start a nuclear war or something. Lack of coffee does have that effect on a woman, you know.

But I persevered.

I thought it would be harder. Perhaps it would’ve been harder, had I not been feeling like shit for the last two weeks. Caffeine deficiency was a small inconvenience by that point, and went by almost unnoticed. Also, my timing with giving up coffee has been most fortunate. If I had continued gulping it down even in small amounts, my stomach might’ve given up the ghost.

But on to skin.

I’m not sure if it’s an overall effect of my cleaner eating this week, but my skin’s been doing okay. There are two small spots on my forehead, and overall my skin is congested and looking a bit dull. If it weren’t for illness, though, it would’ve been better.

Let’s see what the second week of no coffee brings! Meanwhile, I’m having a hard time deciding on what I’ll be giving up next week for this challenge. Torn between peanuts and sugar. And dairy. Oh dear, don’t tell me coffee was actually the easiest choice.