Nail Polish: AVON Nailwear Pro+ in midnight green.

avon nailwear pro in midnight green

Despite green being my favourite colour, I can never name its shades properly. Colour nuances, not my strong point. But this time around polish makers relieved me of trying to decide whether it’s forest or dark or phthalo or hunter or whatever.

This is a dark green polish with a rather pronounced shimmer. I don’t think AVON make this shade any more, which is a pity for green aficionados like myself.

The polish was easy to apply, a little bit hard to remove. Dried fast, and wore well. The brush is good. The gloop you can see on my ring finger is, once again, due to basecoat.

I have a love/ hate relationship with AVON polishes, but lately I’ve been on the love side more and more.

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