If you’re pondering the age of these links, I’ve been cleaning out my Bookmarks directory. Yes, this is almost 2015, and yes, I still bookmark shit. Like, a lot of it.

Instant Haven; a beautiful tumblr of instant film photographs.

11 words with a ‘Q’ but no ‘U’ acceptable in words with friends; fascinating.

15 facts about McDonald’s that will blow your mind; peculiar.

on Making actual things with your actual hands; hear, hear.

20 cats as fonts; no link list is complete without felines.

When your 7-year-old son announces, ‘I’m gay’;

But here’s the thing: straight children have nothing to announce. Straight is the assumption. No one bats an eye at a little girl with a Justin Bieber poster in her bedroom, or when little girls love playing wedding with little boys every chance they get. If our sexual orientation is simply part of who we are, why wouldn’t it be there in our elementary years?

Final call: intimate moments of actors backstage.

Do some math if you have trouble falling asleep.

Challenges: Lunch Packing.

I promise not to regale you too often with my weird predilections towards personal experiments. I’m going to mention them one by one, once a week from now on. So by the time I mention this one again, three months will pass, and you will have forgotten about it already, and it won’t bore you as much.

I hope.

Anyway, lunch packing’s been made interesting — for me, anyway — ever since my doctor told me to eat tiny meals every two-three hours, instead of huge meals two times a day, which has been a standard modus operandi for me for… about seven years now?

It’s a very spoilt thing to say, but I find this problematic for several reasons.

One, I’m an office worker. How grave the sound, etc., but I am. For now my lunch time isn’t rigid, so I can take six small breaks instead of one big. But lately there’ve been talks about making lunch time fixed, so I’m not sure how I’m going to step out every two hours to eat a cup of yoghurt unless I decide to do it in the bathroom. We’ll deal with that one if we ever get there.

Two, I’m an office worker. Having four meals in the office instead of one means hauling a bag full of small containers filled with food. And we don’t have a fridge, so I can’t just bring a huge-ass container of pasta, five bananas, and several cups of yoghurt, and eat it throughout the week. I have to have several daily small containers of food that doesn’t spoil until the end of the day.

Three, perhaps it’s an exaggeration, but having 7 tiny meals instead of two-three big ones? It’s like all I ever think about is food. I’m not used to thinking about food. Food either is, or isn’t. I eat it when I’m hungry, whenever that is, not when my timer tells me. I eat it, and then I forget about it, until next time I feel hungry again. Now though, I’m juggling all these damn containers and portion sizes and precise times, and it’s just ugh.

Ah well, should’ve thought about that before damaging my digestive and cardiovascular systems.

Now that the lengthy rant about the problem of having so much food omg I’m so unfortunate is out of the way, let’s talk about actual challenge results.

Quite happy to report that unless I jinx it majorly with this post, I’ll officially complete the challenge next week. I give all my challenges five weeks of time, so if I stick to them for five weeks, it means they’re essentially complete, and I can drop them if I want to. But I’ll continue with this one, because my spending spread sheet doesn’t lie: it saves a tonne of money. Even when I go to the cheapest canteen, and buy cheapest dishes, packing my own lunch still saves me hundreds of lei every month.

So I shall persevere, and next time I’ll include approximate savings, some photos, and general sage advice on packing a lunch to work. Otherwise known as, actually making a damn actual blog post actually useful for the general public.

Monthly Mug Shots: October 2014.

Several years ago I was preparing some documents, and needed my photo taken rather regularly. It was fun to observe my mug shots changing from month to month, so even after I didn’t need to do it, I continued doing it. Later on it became an inexcusable expense, so I stopped. But ever since then I’ve always wanted to do it again.

Now, I’m not basking in the shining light of gold these days, but I’m certainly better off than I was several months ago. Than I’ve been for years. So when I had to go and have an ID photo taken back in October, I decided to bring the monthly mug shots back.

And inundate you with ‘em a little.

After all, what’s funnier than a passport photo?

Another thing I do regularly is change my mug. Like, the one I drink my tea and coffee from, not my face.

… Not yet, but come 40 I figure I’ll be a regular at a plastic surgeon’s office, believe me. I’m very vain, and I sadly conform to the societal construct of female beauty of youth, all youth, all the time. I wish I had a beautiful soul, but I don’t, so I have to compensate.

Anyway, I have a lot of mugs. Because another thing I did when I had money was buy lots and lots of mugs. They look so desolate when not used, though, but having more than one in my personal use at any given time leaves me with a sink full of mugs in the span of three damn hours. I’m all for rituals, so my ritual’s been picking a mug or a cup and using it, and only it, for my tea and coffee, for any period of time, but usually two weeks to a month.

Since I’m such a lover of bad puns, I’m going to throw some webcam shots with my mug next to my mug into the general mix.

This horror will befall you once a month only, no worries. With an exception of December, which will see both November and December posts, until I get the scheduling right.

I’m even going to place these under a cut, since I love you so much.

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