I have never been a ‘girly girl’ – whatever that means. Indeed, I would occasionally steal my mother’s old eye shadow palettes (still remember that Wet’n’Wild thing fondly), but I never pursued a feminine look, so to say.

Apparently these days I’m overcompensating for all the years lost.

I’ve been blogging since before blogging was called blogging, but started looking at it ‘in current terms’ relatively recently.

All the content I share is created by myself – I am a one woman army.

Armour and Warpaint is the latest incarnation of my personal blog, with a focus on beauty. I also share glimpses of my life outside makeup, be it fitness, travel, books, style, personal finance, or simple day-to-day. In addition to it, I have recently come back to an old project of mine, Inner Moldova, which is a log of exploration of my home country.

Outside of the web, I occupy a junior quality assurance position at Dyninno. My other love, besides make-up, is languages. I keep cats, and I enjoy reading, long walks, running, swimming, coffee, tea, whiskey, wine, cooking, and making money.

It doesn’t get any deeper than that. 😉