There’s a special irony in writing about 7th of October in Kishinev whilst sitting in the city of 6th of October in Egypt.

Or at least I see it. We’re all locked down, quarantined, etc. etc., no intro needed, so I’ve been going through my photos looking for unpublished content – and it turns out that most of my ‘content’ is unpublished! Cool. It means I can regale you with boring tales of yesteryear – and you can’t even blame me that much. Quarantine. Limited resources. Entertainment and expense cuts.

But yes. 7th of October 2018 was Wine Day. Like any decent Moldavian, I ought to celebrate it. That year, like many other years, we decided to go straight into the heat of it all, and join the festivities in the Cathedral Park. Usually it’s not as busy as it gets on City Day, and also quite joyous. You know, wine. Meat. Placintas.

Not this time. But more on that later.

As any other journey in my life, this one began home.

I was waiting for my friends to get off from work and join me. To occupy myself, I did the thing I do best.

Take questionable quality photos of stuff around me. Namely, plants.

You will have to forgive the editing of these photos. It’s all pretty random; I’m doing it all on my phone.

The afternoon really was quite joyous though, wasn’t it.

So yeah, then goes a really quick story of us trying to find at least one bloody glass of wine from anyone without a queue of more than 25 people. We poked around aimlessly through the crowd (above you can see a sudden clearing in what felt like an ocean of people), until one of us lost their patience and denounced the idea of wine tasting entirely.

So I took a couple more quick snaps, and away we went.

Hello, car.

I really like this photo. Pink, it’s my new obsession.

Now you see me…

… Now you don’t.


… vs. good company. Made of sugar, spice, and everything nice.

And just a touch of hood for those times of need.


Before she kills me for posting pictures of her, here’s some pictures of me.

And hey, I don’t even get a cute one. 😛

I’d pay good money right about now to eat some good ole Moldavian sausage. Egyptian is fine, but just not the same.

Hello tree. Hello lights. Hello evening. ‘Twas getting dark and we were getting tired.

Which consequently led to less socialisation, more screen time, and ending wine.

Back home I was greeted by the usual angry mob.

“Look at her, so she thinks she can just go out and leave us food bowls with visible bottoms.”

I smothered the angry mob in love.

“Send help plz, the woman is nuts.”

“No srsly hlp plz.”

k bye ttyl

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